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SixKeyBoard (Key Caps and Cable Not Included)

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The SixKeyBoard is the keyboard with 6 keys.  Plug it in to your PC and it will recognize itself as a keyboard.  Open any text editor, hold a key for 5 seconds to receive simple instructions on how to program it.

New to the SixKeyBoard - 
  • Single key stroke support - Perfect for osu! and applications relying on a long key-press.   
  • Gamer Mode - Make only one of your keys the programming trigger so the other 5 will not accidentally trigger program mode

Why is this cool?  Think about the possibilities for use:

  • Gaming Shortcuts or Controls (Perfect for osu!)
  • Open a commonly used application
  • Go to a commonly used website
  • Windows shortcuts like save a document or shrink all windows
  • Enter your email address or commonly string
  • Enter your complex password
  • Panic button at work


  • Connect a usb cable from the computer to the SixKeyBoard.
  • Open a new document in a text editor (Idealy with monospace font)
  • Make sure focus is in the new document
  • Hold a key (any key) for 5 seconds to program it to a macro of your choice.
  • Follow the instructions that appear in the text editor.

PCB Only option contains ONLY the circuit board 

Assembled options comes with switches soldered to PCB and installed in the case -- switch LEDs may be added to all switches. Key Caps and USB mini cable sold separately. 

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