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Q: Why use a mechanical keyboard?

A: There are many benefits to using a mechanical keyboard. Despite the higher price, the construction, reliability, features, and feel of a mechanical keyboard make mechanical keyboards a superior input device.  Towards the beginning of the computer era, mechanical keyboards were the standard, but as they were mass produced, a cheaper and inferior technology, the "membrane" or "rubber dome" keyboard became the norm.


Q: Are all keys the same shape?

A: No, the shape of the keys vary based on both the row they were designed for as well as the manufacturer.  Typically each row on the board will have a different shape, with the top two rows matching profile as well as the bottom two rows matching profile.  The keys sold on this site are "Cherry" profile and the descriptions of all keys explain what row they were intended for.


Q: I would like to buy a Mechanical Keyboard, which one should I get?

A: There are quite a few options, but here are a few to look at:

Q: What does shipping cost?

A: Shipping is as follows:

 Location / Order  Shipping Method  Cost
 US / Orders under $25  First Class Bubble Mailer  $5.50
 US / Orders over $25  First Class Bubble Mailer / Box  FREE
 International / Orders under $100  First Class Bubble Mailer  $18.00
 International / Orders over $100  First Class Bubble Mailer / Box  FREE
Austrailia First Class Bubble Mailer / Box $20.00

Orders generally ship the next business day (some exceptions with assembled items).  Domestic First Class mail usually takes 2-3 days but is not guaranteed.  International First Class mail usually takes about a week, but varies based on local post and customs.

Q: What is the difference between Red, Black, Blue, and Brown Cherry MX Switches?

A: Red switches are "Linear" meaning that they have no tactile feedback unless the switch is "bottomed out".  Black switches are linear like Red switches, but they have a stiffer spring requiring more actuation force.  Blue switches are considered "Clicky" since they have a tactile bump in actuation that makes an audible clicking noise similar to old PC keyboards.  Brown switches are considered "Tactile" since you can feel the bump in actuation, but are not clicky like the Blues.  


Q: I want to learn more about Mechanical Keyboards and Keycaps, is there a place where I can get all my questions answered?

A: Head on over to GeekHack or Reddit and introduce yourself!  There are plenty of experts willing to help you and a vast archive of knowledge to sift through.  On both platforms I go by the handle i3oilermaker