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NineKeyBoard CNC Edition

  • $7000

The NineKeyBoard CNC Edition has all the great features of the TechKeys SixKeyBoard CNC Edition plus 3 bonus keys.  The intent is to use these keys for jog speed control, but they can be mapped to any keystroke!

Don't see your CNC listed here or looking for a custom pre-programmed mapping? Contact us at with the keyboard mapping and we would be happy to add it as an option!

Device Features:

  • Plug and Play USB - behaves like a standard keyboard
  • Anodized Aluminum Case
  • Cherry MX Compatible tactile and clicky Blue Switches.  Click clearly defines a key press unlike a common keyboard or gamepad.
  • USB Cable routed from bottom of device to reduce interference with CNC
  • Allows operator to get extremely close to bit, and operate with one hand for precision jogging or zeroing operations.
  • Programmable through visual programming tool EasyAVR. 

     Key mappings are as follows:

    Shapeoko/NomadArrow  Keys for X and Y, Comma and Period for Z, Speed controls map to 2, 3, 4 or slow, medium, fast

    Instructions to build and deploy your own custom firmware:

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