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Tribosys Switch Lubricant

Tribosys Switch Lubricant

  • $900

This kit is made for switches to enhance your typing experience. Tribosys 3204 is a Krytox™ GPL 204 Grade 0 Equivalent produced by the chemical company Miller-Stephenson. It is intended as a general purpose, mid-thickness switch lubricant. Tribosys 3204 is a semifluid grease, retaining the desirable qualities of popular lubricant blends in the community while being much more stable due to not being two different substances.

  • Non-Migrating Semifluid Grease
  • Longer lifespan of lubrication vs grease/oil mixtures. Lube switches less frequently. 
  • Virtually no material separation over time. Constituent components remain stable and bonded up to temperatures of (355F).
  • Formulated performance for all switch types. 
  • Consistent performance in the thinnest applications. Apply less material and get the same results!

The Lube Kit contains the following:

  • >2ml of Tribosys 3204 (in Vial)
  • 2 applicatior picks
  • Perfect amount for 110 switches (and a little more) when used properly

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