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SixKeyBoard CNC Edition

  • $6000

The SixKeyBoard CNC Edition has all the great features of the TechKeys SixKeyBoard plus included custom keycaps, USB Cable and optional pre-programming for specific CNC machines. 

Don't see your CNC listed here? Contact us at with the keyboard mapping and we would be happy to add it as an option!

Device Features:

  • Plug and Play USB - behaves like a standard keyboard
  • Anodized Aluminum Case
  • Cherry MX Compatible tactile and clicky Blue Switches.  Click clearly defines a key press unlike a common keyboard or gamepad.
  • USB Cable routed from bottom of device to reduce interference with CNC
  • Allows operator to get extremely close to bit, and operate with one hand for precision jogging or zeroing operations.
  • Programmable through visual programming tool EasyAVR. 


    Key mappings are as follows:

    X-Carve: Arrow Keys for X and Y, Shift+Up/Down for Z

    Shapeoko/NomadArrow  Keys for X and Y, Comma and Period for Z

    Mach3 / Shopbot: Arrow Keys for X and Y, PgUp and PgDn for Z

    Instructions to build and deploy your own custom firmware:

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