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GK64 - Solid Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

  • $25000

Key Specs:

  • Solid Aluminum, milled from a solid piece of and then anodized to the perfect finish. Weighing in at 2.41 lbs, perfect for staying in place.
  • RGB, built in with 16.8 million LED colors, rhythm, and sound lighting combinations, with additional key-programming and macro-creation for three definable layers.
  • Hot Swappable, easily swap out switches for custom switches or just replace a switch that has gone bad.
  • Cherry MX Brown Switches, ideal for advanced typing with a tactile bump. Paired with the aluminum keyboard it provides a nice clack.
  • Mac & PC compliant, this standard GK64 board works on both PC and Mac.
  • USB-C, ideal for easy plug in with the included USB-C braided cable.
  • PBT Keycaps, are made from high quality PBT to prevent a glossy build up and look good for a long time.
  • Carrying Case, this is a felt case perfectly sized for your cable and keyboard for transport.
  • Keycap and switch pullers, easily remove keycaps and switches to customizer the board to your ideal specifications.
  • Small footprint, this compact design keeps your desk space clean and with plenty of room for large mouse swings while gaming.

Detailed Description:

The GK64 was made for typists and gamers alike. If you’re a coder looking to reduce hand fatigue and ensure better coding keystrokes, having a proper keyboard for your PC or Apple device, is critical for productive work. Then when the work day is over and you’re ready to game, having a keyboard that can keep up with your fast keystrokes, is crucial for dominating the playing field. We’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to find what the best option is for mechanical keyboards. Testing and trying different switches, layouts, and cases, we think we’ve found a great option for the enthusiast looking to step up their game from their plastic keyboards. Our aluminum variant is milled from a solid piece of aluminum and then anodized to the perfect finish. It comes in at 2.41lbs fully assembled with cherry switches. This compact design keeps your desk space clean and with plenty of room for large mouse swings while gaming. Hot swappable keys allow for you to adjust your typing style as you progress in your capabilities with mechanical keyboards. You can put any 5-pin switch into our keyboards. We provide you with a switch and keycap puller. These will allow for you to quickly replace a bad switch or add customizable keycaps to your board with no need to solder. It means almost anyone can swap switches. Our keyboards work with Mac and PC and come with optional specific keycaps for use with mac. These keycaps can easily be installed with the included cap puller and simply pop off and pop on. The GK64 is one of the few mechanical keyboards featuring the Mac layout media keys for the direct integration into the OS. **Please note the stand does not come included.**

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