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  • $3500

The OneKeyBoard is just that - a keyboard that has only one key.  Plug it in to your PC and it will recognize itself as a keyboard.  Open any text editor and hold it for 5 seconds, and it will output simple instructions on how to program it through tapping to any key, key combination, or shortcut you wish.

Why is this cool?  Think about the possibilities for use:

  • Gaming Shortcuts or Controls
  • Open a commonly used application
  • Go to a commonly used website
  • Windows shortcuts like save a document or shrink all windows
  • Enter your email address or commonly string
  • Enter your complex password
  • Panic button at work

OneKeyBoard comes with a Kailh Blue Switch pre-soldered and optional rubber feet.  Switch LED may be added, USB mini cable and keycap sold seperately


Inquire about un-assembled versions.

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